Debra Sharon Davis

Debra Sharon Davis

Debra Sharon Davis

President & CEO
Davis Communications Group, Inc.

Debra Sharon Davis is one of the foremost media strategists and revenue innovation experts. She is the founder of a new approach to ignite the user base for social media and technology;
e-commerce sites, programming and brand sites called “branded economics.™” As a social philosopher, author and journalist, she is considered unique in her abilities to respectfully tap
into the media influencer and consumer zeitgeist.

“In a time when months are years, we must serve technology and media companies with a holistic, elegant urgency considerate of C-suite executives, boards, investors, and consumers.”
As the Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer of Davis Communications Group, Inc. (DCGI) which owns Davis Content Group, Debra has been at the epicenter of many firsts in the
intersection between media, technology and advertising industries including: early mobile payments, legacy brand couponing technology; launching cable networks, OTT, and green
lighting the first television network streaming video alliances.

Debra’s twenty-two year old company houses a Virtual Think Tank of experts to deliver up-todate insights on the needs of the marketplace as it impacts clients.

Debra counsels private equity and venture capital firms, technology, data analytics, Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized emerging companies, and well-funded start-ups. Debra’s efforts are
rooted in creative approaches to driving new revenue streams. Key among her efforts is educating diverse stakeholders to monetize existing and emerging technologies.
DCGI specializes in driving competitive-edge and re-educating consumers in both business-toconsumer and business-to-business arenas. Debra created the concept of the “pro-active”
consumer. She was a catalyst in elevating the value of “influencer strategic communications branding and marketing.”

As an entrepreneur, she counsels in brokering broad stroke strategic alliances that can serve as a time-sensitive catalyst in driving the goals and vision of CEOs. As a storyteller, Debra creates
the powerful story for new and existing technologies – giving technology a heartbeat and enhancing its value in the marketplace and for investors.

Debra has been quoted in numerous publications including the Atlantic Wire, International Business Times, The Huffington Post, and AOL. Debra is an Advisory Board Member of the
Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles.

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