Kent Steffen

Kent Steffen

Kent Steffen

President, CSG Digital Services
CSG International

Kent Steffen leads CSG International’s Digital Services division and is an authority on innovative advancements in multi-device, premium video content delivery and an expert on how Digital Service Providers (DSPs) introduce new digital offerings to immediately capture new revenue streams. He is also the 2014 CIO.IT Innovation Competition winner for innovative advancements in multi-device, premium video content delivery.

Kent’s focus as head of the Digital Services group is on creating a compelling and more consistent consumer experience across devices from browsing and buying video content, to leveraging user profiles, preferences, digital entitlements, e-wallet, payment options and more to better serve the on-the-go consumer.

Kent’s experience and expertise come from building the digital strategies of leading cable and entertainment providers globally, including Comcast through XFINITY On Campus; Sony Pictures Home Entertainment; ESPN and Media-Saturn.

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Kent Steffen is on the Acronym Soup: How to Survive the Multiscreen Chaos panel.

Session overview: Gain insight about the latest technologies, and how can they facilitate content across screens. Get a feel for how news out of the Consumer Electronics Show in January will affect this multiscreen world in 2016. And find out how programmers, distributors and vendors can take advantage of the latest multiscreen trends and technologies.